Practical Examples:

Provide a place to start a forum on a specific issue such as: evangelism, church planting, justice/fairness, stewardship of the environment, prison ministry, etc.

Promote prayer for the region in and for homogenous groups (church leaders, youth leaders, children's ministers, occupational groups, prayer initiatives, etc.).

Offer support for interdenominational initiatives, spiritual support, a place to share experiences; connect helpers to those to be helped (e.g. volunteer agencies, family and social services centers).

Promote and communicate social and missionary ministry models, interdenominational initiatives and ideas in the Rhine-Main area.

Promote communication among Christians, match needs and help in the Internet, provide help and consultation for ministries, campaigns and initiatives that wish to work in the Rhine-Main area.

Support Christians as "everyday missionaries" in their lifestyles in the Rhine-Main metropolitan area.